Monday, January 10, 2011

A Throw Back

I decided to use a tool that I brought and just had to have a while back, like 2 yrs. I brought a melting pot and the tools to go with it and wax and UTEE. I was so taken with a youtube on use wax. Well I never did do the wax project. But, I was watching an old Youtube of Following the Paper Trail - what she calls glass flowers. This is my take on the glass flowers. The recipe is to put some clear UTEE in the Melting Pot. And you should use your Melting pot as directed being very careful because it becomes very hot.

The hearts and butterfly are MS punches, the others are ek success retro flower 2 different sizes and the centers of the flowers and on the butterfly is the MS luster glass microbeads.

The 2 flowers below on the left are dipped into wax. That gave them a vintage look. The center is a gray pearl that I got from (where else) Michaels.

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