Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Mermaid

My 6th Grand Daughter attended a camp this year titled 'The Mermaid Camp". She had something excited to tell after each day. One day they went to the Marsh and she told me she fell into the water out of the canoe. She doesn't like water in her eyes, well who does but she said and I cried Gram-ma, of course I said that's okay. She has so many expressions that I wish I could capturethem in pictures, they are so cute. These cuts were made from the cart 'Dreams Come True', the papers are from a pack I got at WM in the clearance isle but it did not have a cover. It was solid double side paper very beautiful and it was only .50 a pack of 30 sheets 5 different colors. Great deal! This cut is called the icon. Not sure of this cut but I cut it non-the-less. I plan to make her a mini album to put some pictures in and something about her camp.


BeeBeebabs said...

Wow this is beautiful thanks for sharing!!

Erica said...

I love that you share your travel pics with us. I don't get to do much traveling, so I live vicariously through bloggers' travels. Love your mermaid. She is realistic looking.