Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RV Studio

This is my stamp studio on my RV. It's small and cramp but it works. This is where I produced some of my swaps and started challenges for Ebonysisters, etc. I had to pack up Sunday so we could start on our journey back home. Packing up took a very long time but I have it so tight even air will have a difficult time passing though. On our way home we stopped by our niece and nephew in Mississippi for a family cookout on Labor Day. We had a wonderful time with lots of food and family. Now today Tuesday we are headed for home, stopping in Anniston, Al over night at a campground. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.


Jackie said...

So glad to hear you had a nice holiday with your family! I wish you safe travels on your journey home.

Sharon Sutton said...

I think your RV craft room rocks!!
My sister wants to travel using an RV and often tells me it would be great to come along. I sent her the picture of your craft room :-)